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Le 9 February 2016, par Bruno dans Specialites

Le Mas des Barres: An exceptional olive oil.

It supports your daily life and your kitchen: Olive oil is a real star in Provence. How is it made? What is THE mill to visit to find an exceptional oil? Do not worry, we’ll put you in confidence.

First things first … Manufacturing (simplified version). Five steps are needed for the manufacture of quality olive oil.

  1. GRINDING The olives are stripped of their leaves and are crushed with their cores (nuclei retain allow the release of oil from oil-bearing cells of the fruit) in ‘the wheel.’ This results in a semi-fluid paste.
  2. PRESSING (or mixing) weights compress the dough during milling which can extract an oil compound juice and water. This step is performed in a ‘mixer’. This mixing helps to break the emulsion while improving the yield of oil wort for the next step.
  3. EXTRACTION This is the stage during which the wort is separated from the solid fractions of cores, skins and pulps pieces (called ‘pomace’). Several methods can be used for this process: The extraction pressure, centrifugation or Sinolea.
  4. THE SETTLING With centrifugation of about 6000 to 7000 rpm, the must is separated oil rises to the surface (because its density is lower than that of water). At the time, he had to be patient and wait a long time before the oil goes only by separating from water.
  5. STORAGE OF OIL After the above steps, the oil is olive ready: It must then keep away from oxidation, for that it is preserved in steel tanks. And this is how we obtain this delicious liquid that perfectly complements your dishes. Looking for olive oil Provence 100%  of impeccable quality? Then take the direction of Mas des Barres Maussane!

Rewarded with 5 gold medals and a Gold Award, this mill produces high quality oil in a beautiful setting and typical of southern France. A warm welcome and a tasting await you there, you will love!

Number: +33 (0)4 90 54 44 32  -  mail:

Difficulties to find this wonderful mill? This is normal, it is well hidden, like all good things.

We have the solution: Book your taxi online by clicking here! Soon in Provence

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