Provence, grappe, wine
Provence, grappe, wine
Le 13 September 2014, par Bruno dans Région

The Wine in Provence

Provence is full of lavender, tasty and above all … good wine! For amateurs and professionals in this tasty drink made from grapes, here is a short article that will surely pique your curiosity.

A little history …
How the vine she was introduced in Provence?
That’s an interesting question … It is with the Romans as vines took root in Provence (Provencia Romana).
The second century BC, they established themselves in the area and began the cultivation of the vine.
Then, the fifth in the twelfth century, it was the monks who make wine and markets in order to maintain the monastic institutions.
Finally, from the fourteenth century, it was the Nobles who will manage a large number of vineyards in Provence.

A suitable climate …
The climate is capricious in Provence: we know, for example, the violent, cold wind that is the Mistral. Let’s drop the preconceived ideas because the Mistral is very good for the development of the vine, it just prevents it from developing diseases caused by moisture!
The sun, sometimes harsh, is also a friend of the vine subject to a suitable watering.

Cellars …
All very informative but … what wine to choose?
There are many, and to discover what better than to visit our beautiful region? The caves are numerous, most often located in the heart of beautiful villages.
Bruno taxi will take you there with pleasure and relaxation for a unique moment of tasting.

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